As the sun rose on 25 April 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers faced their first major battle of World War I. They fought with endurance, courage, ingenuity, good humour, and mateship – what we’ve come to know as the ANZAC spirit. 

On ANZAC Day, we honour their legacy and that of all who have followed in their footsteps. 


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The ANZAC spirit is a legacy that lives on in all Australians, inspiring pride and camaraderie across generations. 
There’s no greater way to honour the ANZACs than by commemorating together as a community on 25 April.  

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Donate to the RSL Anzac Appeal to help support veterans and their families.


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ANZAC Day history and traditions

The Story of ANZAC Day: History and LEgacy

ANZAC Day history began in the darkness before dawn, as Australian and New Zealand soldiers rowed towards Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. The landing at Gallipoli was anticipated to be a quick action that would remove Turkey from World War I. Instead, it escalated into an eight-month battle with heavy casualties on both sides.

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Lest We Forget wreath


The values exemplified by the ANZACs have since been characterised as the ‘ANZAC spirit’. But what are these values, and how can we pay them forward? 

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Scenic ANZAC Day locations

Australia's Most Scenic Anzac Day Services

Each year, thousands of ANZAC Day services take place and every one of them is special. Discover some of Australia’s most remarkable spots to commemorate. 

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Postcards of honour

Postcards of Honour

Thousands of veterans will receive touching ANZAC Day messages as RSL Queensland’s learning initiative Postcards of Honour expands across Australian schools.

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Differences between ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day

ANZAC Day Vs Remembrance Day Explained

What is the difference between ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day? While they share many similarities, they have a few key differences.

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Traditions of ANZAC Day

The Traditions of ANZAC Day

From ANZAC biscuits and rosemary to the Dawn Service and the Last Post, ANZAC Day traditions are wreathed in meaning. Find out why and how they came to be. 

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Premiers Anzac Prize

From History's Page TO the Western Front

Their forefathers were allies in WWI and II. Decades later, Queensland Premier’s Anzac Prize recipients Sophie and Elann will visit the battlefields of Europe.



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